The Mission of Critical Health:
The Mission of Critical Health is to provide the best products on the market and improve the overall health in
today's tough economic environment.  Preventative health and nutrition is the most cost effective way to make a
difference in how we feel and keeping health care costs down for everyone.

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Advanced B-Complex
Calcium Plus
Vitamin C
Coenzyme Q10
Isotonix® - Advanced Nutraceuticals
Isotonix supplements are scientifically advanced formulas designed to give your body the
maximum benefit from vitamins and minerals.  Isotonix offers a complete array of products
designed to fit your needs.
  •   No Swallowing Pills - Supplements in Powder Form
  •   No Binders, Fillers, or Addatives
  •   100% Natural Flavor and Color
  •   Natural Sweetener Without Processed Sugar
  •   Higher absorbtion rate than other delivery systems
  •   Perfect For Children Or Geriatrics    
What is Isotonix®
OPC-3 is made from a combination of grape
see, Pycnogenol® French pine bark and red
wine extracts in addition to bilberry and citrus
extracts.  OPC's are the most natural and
powerful free radical neutralizers and
antioxidants discovered to date.  This
combination of ingredients and isotonic
properties makes OPC-3 far superior to any
other antioxidant on the market.  
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  • Internet Based Analysis Tool
  • Customized Supplementation Program
  • Children's vitamin and mineral
    supplement with Probiotics
  • Aids in digestion
  • Great Tasting liquid from
  • Isotonic delivery system with
    greater absorbtion
  • No difficult to swallow pills
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Great Aids For Digestion
Omega 3 Fish Oil
Lipitrium Ultra®
  • Helps promote
    delivery of LDL
    throughout the
  • Helps promote
    healthy cholesterol
  • Supports healthy
    synthesis of
    triglycerides in the

  • Helps promote
    healthy cholesterol
  • Helps promote
    healthy blood
    pressure levels
  • Helps promote
    overall cardiovascular
  • Helps maintain
    healthy levels of C-
    reactive protein
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